Global Public Policy Forum on the U.S. War on Drugs
September 21-22, 2009
El Paso-Ciudad Juárez


MONDAY, September 21, UTEP Union Building East, 3rd Floor,Tomás Rivera Conference Center (8:30 am)

MC Kathleen (Kathy) Staudt
El Paso Mayor & Municipal President, Ciudad Juarez, Welcoming Remarks

President Natalicio, Welcoming Remarks,
Beto O’Rourke, El Paso City Council

Panel 1:  History, Successes and Failures (9-10:30 am)

Panel Pic 1

A clear, provocative presentation of recent and current U.S. policy, followed with reaction from academic and government experts, ex-law enforcement, and a non-government organization (NGO).

Moderators: Kathleen Staudt and Dudley Althaus


Dr. Luis Astorga

Juan Carlos Hidalgo

Tom Barry

Terry Nelson

Joy Olson


Panel 2: Reporting on the Drug War (10:45 am – 12:15 pm)

Panel Pic 2

A moderated panel with journalists who cover the drug war in the U.S. and Mexico.

Angela Kocherga, Moderator

Alfredo Corchado

Ramón Cantu

John Burnett

No-Host Lunch: Luncheon Speaker (12:30-1:30 pm)

Vanessa Romero, UTEP Chapter Students for Sensible Drug Policy, introduces:

Judge Jim Gray


Panel 3: Drug War and Violence: Effects on Communities in Mexico and the U.S. (1:45-3:15 pm)

Panel Pic 4

A moderated panel.

Dr. Howard Campbell, Moderator

Dr. Oscar Martínez

Sigrid Arzt

Dr. David Shirk

Dr. Victor Quintana

Dr. Sergio Fajardo Location:Ciudad Juárez


1.Registration required in order to attend

2. Carpool arrangements will be available (leave 5-5:30 p.m.)

3. U.S. citizens must have passports to return to the United States.

Evento en Juárez patrocinado por / Event in Juárez sponsored byPlan Estratégico de Juárez, A.C.:Conferencia Magistral / Keynote Address "Del Miedo a la Esperanza" / "From Fear to Hope" SERGIO FAJARDO &n bsp;   Candidato a la presidencia de Colombia y Exalcalde de la ciudad de Medellín Presidential Candidate of Colombia and Former Mayor of the city of Medellin 6:00PM Centro de Convenciones Cibeles Blvd. Tomás Fernández No. 8450 & nbsp; Cd. Juárez, Chihuahua.

Note: The keynote address will be delivered in Spanish and is open to the public.  To attend, it is indispensable to obtain a conference pass.  More information at Plan Estratégico de Juárez, A.C. (656) 625-0645,


TUESDAY, September 22, Plaza Theater, Downtown El Paso

Panel 4: Exporting the Drug War:
Historical and Geographical Perspectives (8:30-10:00 am)

Panel Pic

Dr. Tony Payan

Historical Perspectices: Dr. David Courtwright

Comparative Perspectives: Dr. Craig Reinarman

Anthony Placido


Panel 5: Social Consequences of the Drug War: (10:15-11:45)

Panel Pic 5

Moderator: Joe Heyman

Dr. Eric C. Schneider

Dr. Michael Agar

Carolyn Esparza

Dr. Westley Clark


Lunch Break 12:00-1:00

Panel 6: Alternative Strategies and Policy Proposals for the Drug War  (1:15-2:30 pm)

Moderator: John Burnett

Ethan Nadelmann

Dr. William Martin

Amber Langston

José Rodríguez



all photography by freelance photographer christ chávez